Expanding Our Network To Better Serve Our Clients

To effectively continue serving our clients we have recently expanded our network of international trade professionals. Planet63 is pleased to announce that we have begun collaborating with Excellent Bizness Knowledge Inc. to help our clients source products in the Philippines. Our hopes for this collaboration is to help the Philippine manufacturers become prepared in how to export to the United States of America as well as help find products that can be profitable in the US market. Here is a little background of our new associate in the Philippines.

The Company is headed by Mr. Edgardo T. Tipa who have more than 15 years experience in banking, financing and lending business in different positions.

In addition, he has more than 8 years experience in training, consultancy with the different training centers in Metro Manila and Cebu under the EVT Business Solutions. From time to time they conduct seminars with their partner lecturers in areas like marketing, leadership, taxation and investment and other courses that their clients may request.  The Company is also assisted by Mr. Edgar Eugene Tipa who is an IT graduate. His background is working with the Business Process Outsourcing Company, handling technical support account, provides product and internet technical support, trouble shooting fixing issues via remote access. He has a background in computer hardware and software installation.

We look forward to this collaboration. We will work towards bringing this collaboration to the benefit of our clients. Mr. Tipa will provide his expertise and consultation to the small Philippine manufacturers that need guidance in becoming export ready.

Turnaround Tuesday

Each day of the week can be whatever you want it to be. Most of the time all of us aren’t conscious of the fact that we can do something like that. We all fall into a routine in our daily lives. To some people this can go on and on and on and  by the time you know it, your life has passed and you’re still doing the same thing. I am not saying that this is a bad thing. What I am saying is that life is full of wonderful things that can be experienced on a daily basis. Things to see, people to meet and learning moments. You can only experience these things when you are aware of them. In my daily commute to work I see too many people on the train that looks like something out of a walking dead movie. They have a certain glazed over look on their face. Well, I have a suggestion that can help you be conscious of your day. If this is something that you can relate to-I have a suggestion. 

Every Tuesday, I designate it Turnaround TUESDAY. I don’t have a particular reason why I designate Tuesday Turnaround Tuesday other than the fact that the word Tuesday sounds good with Turnaround. I’m very creative that way. You’re supposed to laugh after I said that. For those people who don’t know me, that’s my attempt at sarcasm. Tuesday is the day that you focus on doing something that you have to do  like eat, go to work , workout, do your work etc, and do it differently. We all have something that we have to do but it does not mean that you have to do it the same every time. Life has a lot to offer and to do  the same thing the same way can be boring.. I know. You can go insane doing that. Some of you are saying that old phrase, variety is the spice of life. Until a few years ago I did not really embrace that thinking. My thought is not so much to change something drastically but just simply understand that there’s a lot things in life that can be done differently. Doing something differently on a task that must be done gives you a different perspective. It gives you an appreciation. Some people may say that why do it differently when something is already working. That’s true. But occasionally doing something different might spark something that would make the process more enjoyable. You might discover that what you have been doing is not necessarily the best way to do it. Whether you do or you don’t, what I am trying to say is that make Tuesday the day that you check yourself. Occasionally take yourself out of your comfort zone. For me, the simple act of commuting to work on the train has made me look at life in general a different way. When I take a seat in a different train cab, I get a different view of the scenery that we pass by. I see different things when I choose to sit on the second level of the train as opposed to the first level. I can sit at the second cab of the train or the very last one. I meet different people and make friends. I also can choose how fast , depending on where I sit, I can get out of the train to go to my next mode of transportation. When I am driving on that day, I would take a different route and discover stores, neighborhood that I would not have known about if I did not take that route. Sometimes you just have to be conscious of living your life with a certain child like fascination. Right now as I write you this letter, I am sitting in a train cab with a passenger who loves talking on his cell phone. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that. I think it’s funny and educational to listen to someone who is not concerned about what people think. I love the boldness. He was talking to a lot of people and very vocal about his recent experience with the police. It seemed liked he was recently detained by the police on an minor outstanding warrant. It sure was an interesting, educational and entertaining train ride to work. I’ve got something to tell the wife over dinner tonight that’s for sure. The day has just begun. I wonder what other interesting things I get to experience today with this Turnaround Tuesday mindset. I guess I’ll find out. Life  can be amusing. It all depends on you.


Saves Fuel, Saves Your Engine and Saves The Earth

I have always been fascinated by things that are innovative, “cool” and can possibly benefit a lot of people in their daily life. There is a product that is all that. A company called IC Motoring Technologies Inc. based in Cerritos, Ca came up with such a product that did just that. One of their numerous automotive products is an oil additive. This oil additive significantly improves and maximizes engine efficiency and performance to optimum level and consequently conserve fuel consumption as well as minimize carbon emission. This product could possibly help solve  or answer some of the pressing issues of our time-climate change and rising cost of fuel. This product is currently listed on www.planet63.com. Please click the link. http://planet63.com/directories/ic-motoring-technologies-inc/.

The IC Motoring Technologies oil additive has won awards at the

  • INPEX show in Pittsburgh, PA
  • IENA 2015 (sponsored by IFIA (International Federation of Inventors Association)
  • Filipino Inventors Association

The IC Motoring Technologies oil additive is a

  • Superior lubricating agent that provides a thin film between moving parts to create a sealing effect that allows increase in power performance and efficiency
  • Protectant for corrosion of engine components, oxidation of the oil and contamination through condensation and combustion by products
  • Cleaner for the engine.
  • Product that maintains cooler operating temperature because it helps reduce the friction of the engine parts

The IC Motoring Technologies oil additive will

  • Help reduce carbon emission
  • Cut maintenance costs of your automobile
  • Create fuel efficiency in the operation of your vehicle

This certainly in the eyes of many can be seen as a unique product and can possibly disrupt the status quo. The true secret is in the natural ingredient. The company is currently looking for distributors to market the product worldwide. It’s a product with a strong potential market growth.

  • Do you love maintaining your car and having it perform at its best? Or
  • Do you just like saving money by reducing maintenance cost of your vehicle? or
  • Generate income by helping others maintain their cars and helping the environment

Please visit their listing on www.planet63.com .

(please this link http://planet63.com/directories/ic-motoring-technologies-inc/)

“Marvelous Monday”

“I can’t believe it’s already Monday”. “Where did the weekend go?” Can’t wait until Friday again! Most of us with a reality of this type of work week has to have said one of these statements one time or another. Each one being said, most of the time, with a certain disdain or frustration or annoyance or all of the above. If your typical work schedule is  Monday thru Friday, Monday is most likely your least favorite day. People show that dislike by walking into work grumbling. They would drag their feet, sort of, throughout their workday. Sometimes they would show the disdain by dealing with people in a rude sort of way. To most of us who have that Monday thru Friday work schedule, there has to be a better way to deal or embrace the “Monday Morning Blues”.

Well, I wish I can say that I have discovered the universal secret to loving Mondays or just dealing with it without any emotional casualties. I have discovered what works for me and hopefully people can take the idea and derive from it a method that would work for them.  Here it is.  I call my Mondays “Marvelous Monday”. Why? I like using word that flows and easy to remember. I like positive descriptions. It’s better than describing it as Mundane Monday. The method to my madness is that  I just try to focus on something that I can control. As you know, unless you have some sort of mystical powers, Monday is going to be here regardless of whether you’re ready for it or not. In recent years I’ve learned to appreciate my time- spending it wisely.

I prepare for my Monday’s by simply wearing something new or something that I have not worn in awhile. It could be any article of clothing, jewelry, shoes or hat. It could also be something that you own that you would be proud to show off. I’m not about the showing off but that works for some people. I am after that feeling of newness, pride and appreciating something that you have or have forgotten that you have. Do you remember that time when you were in  elementary school and you could not wait to get to school because you wanted to show your friends something that you were proud of. It made you feel special. It made you feel proud. Why not take that same feeling and use it for Monday’s. Most people try to have the best weekend they have and why not just extend that feeling by just doing something as simple but effective mindset such as this. When I go to work with that activity, I feel alert. I move about with a certain confidence and pride. Whatever  comes my way that day, I feel like I can handle it. This exercise in setting up your mind to tackle the day is nothing new but it’s just a reminder that you can control your day. You don’t let the day control you and with some people it can control their week. Be engaged with your day and appreciate the day. Monday is the gateway to the rest of the week. When I told that analogy to my wife, she jokingly said to me “shut the gate !”. I laughed my you know what off when she said that. Funny enough some will do that. Regardless of what you do with your Mondays, it’s precious and embrace the notion that that moment won’t come again. Why would you waste time in feeling disdain or annoyance for it? You could just treat it like any other day and say to yourself that it’s an important day like all of the others.

Weekend here I come…………wohooooooo!


Ferdinand “Bong” Soriano

Things To Consider When Entering A New Market

Here is an article that I found useful for anyone who is interested in importing products from the Philippines or exporters who want to market their products to the Philippines. The article is based on the perspective of U.S. manufacturers wanting to market their products outside of the United States.  I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

What Are Some Challenges That Firms Face for International Marketing?

by Brian Hill


Identifying a True Market Need

A key to success in business is offering products and services for which customers have a compelling need. The customer has a problem that needs to be solved, and the product or service provides the solution in such an effective way that its benefits are not difficult to communicate. Identifying the true needs of large numbers of people in a foreign country is not easy. Not having lived in their culture experiencing their day-to-day lives, American marketing executives can err by assuming that what people in other countries want or need exactly matches the wants and needs of American consumers.

Dilution of Brand-Name Power

Due to the Internet, movies and other forms of entertainment, American culture and the corporate symbols of that culture–brand names–are well known across the globe. This does not mean the American companies’ products will be popular when introduced in other countries. Being aware of a brand name isn’t the same as preferring it. It can be a long and expensive process to gain the trust of consumers who have used their own local companies’ products for years or even generations. The American companies can be perceived as attempting to take over the position long held by local companies, causing resentment.

Cultural Nuance

Consumers are influenced to purchase products by marketing messages delivered through the media, including print media such as magazines. Humor is often used in commercial messages to get the consumer to pay attention. But what is considered extremely funny in one culture can be perceived as confusing or insulting in another. To produce effective advertising requires more than accurate translation of the message from one language to another. It requires a deep understanding of the culture, customs, morals and even religious views that predominate in that country. What motivates consumers to buy products varies from country to country.

Communication Style

Business executives from different countries can encounter several barriers to effective communication besides obvious language differences. The traditional pace of business negotiations can be different. Americans sometimes want to hurry negotiations along, whereas in some other countries emphasis is placed on building relationships before a business deal is seriously considered. Executives from other countries may place a higher value on things such as facial expression instead of just the words that are being said.

Distance and Time

Even with technologies such as video conferencing, executives in other countries may prefer to establish relationships on a personal level. For a smaller American company, this can mean a significant investment in travel costs and having key executives out of the office for extended periods. Time zone differences can make it difficult to coordinate projects where collaboration is required. Executives on the West Coast of the U.S. are just getting to work in the morning when their European counterparts are winding down for the day.

Finding Reliable Partners

American firms often establish relationships with distributors located in the countries whose markets they are seeking to enter. They hire sales reps based in those countries. They may engage local marketing and public relations firms to assist them. Because the American firm might have no prior experience in that country, finding people who are trustworthy and competent can be a challenge.