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“Marvelous Monday”

“I can’t believe it’s already Monday”. “Where did the weekend go?” Can’t wait until Friday again! Most of us with a reality of this type of work week has to have said one of these statements one time or another. Each one being said, most of the time, with a certain disdain or frustration or annoyance or all of the above. If your typical work schedule is  Monday thru Friday, Monday is most likely your least favorite day. People show that dislike by walking into work grumbling. They would drag their feet, sort of, throughout their workday. Sometimes they would show the disdain by dealing with people in a rude sort of way. To most of us who have that Monday thru Friday work schedule, there has to be a better way to deal or embrace the “Monday Morning Blues”.

Well, I wish I can say that I have discovered the universal secret to loving Mondays or just dealing with it without any emotional casualties. I have discovered what works for me and hopefully people can take the idea and derive from it a method that would work for them.  Here it is.  I call my Mondays “Marvelous Monday”. Why? I like using word that flows and easy to remember. I like positive descriptions. It’s better than describing it as Mundane Monday. The method to my madness is that  I just try to focus on something that I can control. As you know, unless you have some sort of mystical powers, Monday is going to be here regardless of whether you’re ready for it or not. In recent years I’ve learned to appreciate my time- spending it wisely.

I prepare for my Monday’s by simply wearing something new or something that I have not worn in awhile. It could be any article of clothing, jewelry, shoes or hat. It could also be something that you own that you would be proud to show off. I’m not about the showing off but that works for some people. I am after that feeling of newness, pride and appreciating something that you have or have forgotten that you have. Do you remember that time when you were in  elementary school and you could not wait to get to school because you wanted to show your friends something that you were proud of. It made you feel special. It made you feel proud. Why not take that same feeling and use it for Monday’s. Most people try to have the best weekend they have and why not just extend that feeling by just doing something as simple but effective mindset such as this. When I go to work with that activity, I feel alert. I move about with a certain confidence and pride. Whatever  comes my way that day, I feel like I can handle it. This exercise in setting up your mind to tackle the day is nothing new but it’s just a reminder that you can control your day. You don’t let the day control you and with some people it can control their week. Be engaged with your day and appreciate the day. Monday is the gateway to the rest of the week. When I told that analogy to my wife, she jokingly said to me “shut the gate !”. I laughed my you know what off when she said that. Funny enough some will do that. Regardless of what you do with your Mondays, it’s precious and embrace the notion that that moment won’t come again. Why would you waste time in feeling disdain or annoyance for it? You could just treat it like any other day and say to yourself that it’s an important day like all of the others.

Weekend here I come…………wohooooooo!


Ferdinand “Bong” Soriano