We are a product sourcing and logistics management company. We specialize in sourcing, shipping, and selling Philippine products to the United States and beyond. We provide a full continuum of services to Philippine manufacturers looking to create a market presence in the United States and to global buyers who are looking for Philippine products to sell.

We also consult with Philippine manufacturers on how to market and ship their products into the United States of America and beyond. Due to the business network that we have created with the Philippines ’ trade agencies and United States’ trade agencies, this has enabled us to be effective in facilitating trade transactions between business entities in the respective countries.




Our focus is to provide a premier platform to help Philippine manufacturers to confidently ship and market their products in the United States and the world. We bring Philippine products to the US.

We can provide an all-encompassing service that can help the Philippine manufacturer create attention/demand for their service, prepare and suggest a shipping method that will be reliable and cost-effective for their products, create and execute a marketing plan that will help expose their products to the US marketplace and the world. The combination of these services executed in a systematic manner along with our network of seasoned industry professionals is what differentiates us from our competitors.


Provenance Holdings Corp dba Planet 63 was incorporated on June 28, 2013. The inception of Provenance Holdings Corp. was long before that date. It was years in the making. Initially, the patriarch of the Soriano family, Fernando Soriano, formed a company called Pacific Link in the early 1980s. His sole purpose was to import products from the Philippines but mostly focused on products that came from his hometown of Lingayen, Pangasinan. He was able to make a few transactions but due to economic and political challenges in the Philippines at that time, he decided to discontinue the business. In the year 2012, his outlook on the Philippines was very positive.

In addition to that, a Los Angeles based Filipino-American association called Pangasinan Brotherhood(PBUSA), which he is a current member of, in cooperation with a Customs Brokerage House in Long Beach, CA called EC Ferrer CHB, Inc.organized and produced a seminar on importing and creating livelihoods in Pangasinan. This re-ignited Fernando Soriano to revisit his desire to help promote and import the products of the Philippines into the United States. Provenance Holdings Corp was founded on the premise that it was going to help create these livelihoods in Pangasinan. Provenance Holdings Corporation is an international trade management and marketing agency. Its mission is to educate MSMEs in the Philippines regarding the US Market as well as aid in the logistics of getting the products from the Philippines into the US. It also helps in consulting with small US businesses that are interested in exporting to the Philippines.

Provenance Holdings Corporation is operated by Fernando Soriano along with his eldest son, Ferdinand B. Soriano. A majority of the Soriano family are part of the development of the company. Each member is a professional in their own right. The family members are versed in insurance, financial services, business management, marketing, and Information Technology. Provenance also has a team comprised of graphic designers, videographers /photographers, and social media experts that help with day to day execution of marketing activities for its assigned projects. The first major project was the city of Artesia Street Fair and Product Expo in 2014.

Provenance Holding Corporation was able to assist the provincial government of Pangasinan with helping the Pangasinan small businesses promote and bring their products in the US to participate in the street fair. Provenance Holdings Corporation was the importer of record and set up a booth to specifically promote the products. The commitment to promote, educate, and create opportunities for businesses in the Philippines as well as livelihoods are all grounded in the initial efforts and vision of Fernando Soriano over 25 years ago.


Below is a list of individuals Planet63 has partnered with to produce product events and opportunities that will effectively showcase Philippine products in the U.S. Their creativity and experience have made them valuable team members in Planet63’s goals to expand the market of Philippine products.


Jas Pascua

Jas Pascua is the chief event officer for one of the largest consumer expos in Hawaii. Jas partners with business owners and solopreneurs to grow their brands by connecting them directly to consumers, distributors, and manufacturers. After spending over a decade of producing various types of consumer trade shows and events, Jas knows how to drives businesses to their respective buyers. Jas currently, co-produced The Food and New Product Show, The Home and Garden Show, The Spring and New product Show, The Ocean Expo and A gift buying show. In addition to his extensive productions, Jas is an experienced sales and marketing professional.