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Saves Fuel, Saves Your Engine and Saves The Earth

I have always been fascinated by things that are innovative, “cool” and can possibly benefit a lot of people in their daily life. There is a product that is all that. A company called IC Motoring Technologies Inc. based in Cerritos, Ca came up with such a product that did just that. One of their numerous automotive products is an oil additive. This oil additive significantly improves and maximizes engine efficiency and performance to optimum level and consequently conserve fuel consumption as well as minimize carbon emission. This product could possibly help solve  or answer some of the pressing issues of our time-climate change and rising cost of fuel. This product is currently listed on www.planet63.com. Please click the link. https://planet63.com/directories/ic-motoring-technologies-inc/.

The IC Motoring Technologies oil additive has won awards at the

  • INPEX show in Pittsburgh, PA
  • IENA 2015 (sponsored by IFIA (International Federation of Inventors Association)
  • Filipino Inventors Association

The IC Motoring Technologies oil additive is a

  • Superior lubricating agent that provides a thin film between moving parts to create a sealing effect that allows increase in power performance and efficiency
  • Protectant for corrosion of engine components, oxidation of the oil and contamination through condensation and combustion by products
  • Cleaner for the engine.
  • Product that maintains cooler operating temperature because it helps reduce the friction of the engine parts

The IC Motoring Technologies oil additive will

  • Help reduce carbon emission
  • Cut maintenance costs of your automobile
  • Create fuel efficiency in the operation of your vehicle

This certainly in the eyes of many can be seen as a unique product and can possibly disrupt the status quo. The true secret is in the natural ingredient. The company is currently looking for distributors to market the product worldwide. It’s a product with a strong potential market growth.

  • Do you love maintaining your car and having it perform at its best? Or
  • Do you just like saving money by reducing maintenance cost of your vehicle? or
  • Generate income by helping others maintain their cars and helping the environment

Please visit their listing on www.planet63.com .

(please this link https://planet63.com/directories/ic-motoring-technologies-inc/)