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Our Purpose

We have created a marketing and logistics platform to make it easier for Philippine Manufacturers to export and sell their products to the United States. We want to make it easy for United States wholesalers, distributors, online retailers and importers to discover the many well made and high margin products that the Philippines manufacture. Helping you understand the process of sourcing, shipping and selling Philippines products is what we do best. Visit our directory!

Product Sourcing

We can help you find products in the Philippines & United States.

Logistics Management

We can help you arrange the shipment of your products. We will consult with you on matters regarding U.S. Customs and freight forwarding.

Business Development And Marketing

We can provide lead generation activities such as seminars, product showcases and social media strategies.

What Does This Online Portal Do?

Our site, www.planet63.com, is the first US based online product portal directory that was created to help direct global buyers to Philippine manufacturers. Philippine made products are the main attraction of this site. We currently organized our directory in nine product categories.  They are Food & Beverage, Arts & Crafts, Jewelry, Clothing & Shoes, Furniture, Health Supplements, Organic, Raw Materials and Automotive.

The directory is called Planet63 because we want to present to the rest of the world a place with so much potential in terms of its people, products and services, and there is no better way than to proudly epitomize that goal than with the number “63”, the country code of the Philippines.

Contacting Us Is Easy. . . We Promise.

Found something interesting? Let us know, we can save you time and money. You can contact us effectively in three ways.



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