Our story and how we got here

We are an international trade management and marketing agency. Our focus is to facilitate trade transactions between Philippines manufacturers and buyers from the United States of America and beyond. We consult with Philippine small manufacturers in how to market and ship their products into the United States of America  and beyond. Due to the business network that we have created with the Philippine’s trade agencies and United States’s trade agencies, this has enabled us to be effective in  facilitating trade transactions between business entities in the respective countries. Also, we are able to provide information to US exporters on how to conduct business in the Philippines.

412 Happy Customers
412 Happy Customers
412 Happy Customers
412 Happy Customers


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How Planet63 works

Philippine manufacturers create their product profiles in our directory.

Suppliers can easily upload full details of their products to our site for FREE. This enables their products to be exposed to the numbers of buyers that we currently have in our database and to those who we have been marketing to. Key product details, like product claims, marketing support and distribution information, make it easy for buyers to discover and evaluate potential opportunities.

Wholesalers, Distributors, Importers and Retail buyers are alerted of new, high quality and profitable products to sell to their customers.

E-mail alerts are sent to buyers, that are currently signed up with Planet63, when new products are uploaded in the directory. We can also help buyers connect with the suppliers and in some cases act as a liaison for the buyers. Planet63 can also help buyers arrange the shipping of the product from the Philippines to the final destination.

Maximizing every opportunity for buyers and suppliers.

Planet63 highlights only Philippine products. This helps the Philippine manufacturers seek buyers who are specifically looking for Philippine products that are of high quality, value and competitively priced. In turn, suppliers can also discover something unique and marketable that they can offer their customers.

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People who believe in us

Pangasinan Brotherhood USA (PBUSA), Cerritos, CA United States
Provincial Government, Pangasinan, Philippines
Philippine Consulate Office, Los Angeles, CA United States
Pangasinan Brotherhood USA (PBUSA), Cerritos, CA United States